Pascucci coffee

pascucci signPascucci coffee  is a common brand of coffee in the cafes and restaurants in this area. In fact the company headquarters is in a small town (pop. 700) called Monte cerignone about 50 kms west of Pesaro. The company was founded in 1883 as a small food distributor but only in the 1950s did they begin to concentrate and produce roasted coffee and in the 1970s decided to concentrate completely on expresso coffee and have patented a drying/roasting process which gives their coffee its flavour.

I like the coffee as it isn’t too bitter. Normally I buy Lilly coffee for home but have wanted to buy some Pascucci coffee for home. However, the coffee isn’t sold in local supermarkets. Asked one cafe in Fano if they sold it but their tins were close to its end date. Finally I got round to searching on the net and discovered that the Pascucci brand is going international as it has coffee shops in various countries including the UK (London – on Picadilly). More importantly for me is that they also have a  cafe/shop in Fano. Can’t believe that after 3 years here and going into Fano quite often I have never seen the shop. So  next time in Fano!

p.s. worth looking at web site for the company’s values e.g. Always work with passion, especially when dealing with quality, customers, colleagues and partners. Since retiring I had forgotten how awful “mission statements and values” could be.

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