Cookery classes in San Giorgio

Cookery course

In San Giorgio local residents are able to follow courses on basic computing, decoupage, English and now Cooking.

Three lads from the village who are involved in the catering business offered an 8 week course in cooking. Expecting a class of 20 they ended up with a class of 40. Each week has a different theme – fish, game, leftovers, desserts etc. All for a cost of 15 euros.

Every week the class makes about 5 dishes and so sometimes it is hard to follow what is happening as we are grouped into teams of 3 and each team does a different dish. The classes begin at 9.00 pm and I never managed to taste the food as the classes never finished before mid-night and sometimes later. I always left about 11.00 but have been assured the food is delicious. All the students will have a chance to display their talents when, in two weeks time, there is an evening for family and friends.

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