Journey to the Centre of the Earth

film poster Last night went to see the film “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. The film is full of special effects and the plot is not that important so it is a good film for us to see. I was able to follow most of the conversational dialogue but lost it when there were action scenes e.g. being eaten by giant venus fly traps, chased by dinasaurs etc. As these action scenes happened quite often I just sat back and enjoyed the action. The film was in 3 D and worked really well, particularly when things were happening at normal speed. There was a really good sequence when they blew on a giant dandelion seed head and all the seeds began to float away and they seemed to be coming towards me.

At this point the film stopped, lights went on and the interval started. Yes, films have intervals. No one knows how long the interval lasts, sometimes 2 minutes sometimes 5. But one thing is certain. They will stop the film in the middle of a good scene from the film and when it restarts you miss a few seconds of the action.
The cinema has just been refurbished and it is very comfortable. 7.50 euros to get in plus 1.00 euro for the 3D glasses. Packet of M&Ms 3.50 euro.

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