A step back in time

Went for the lunch to celebrate San Antonio’s day. A good time was had by all. Eating began at 1.00 and finished at 4.30, followed by dancing and bingo. Dancing was “ballo liscio” i.e. ballroom. Most people on the floor were of a certain age and one seemed to have been transported back to the 50s. Most couples moved sedately round the floor but the occasional  one or two would show off with a few quick twirls or dips. However the past and present went together as at one end of the large dining room was the group singing Italian ballads with couples sweeping round the floor and at the other end was a giant television screen showing Italian Football. The music and football stopped for a game of bingo with hampers of meat for the winners. Bingo is very popular here and prizes are given for the person who gets 2 numbers in a row, 3 numbers in a row, 4 numbers in a row, 5 numbers in a row, 10 numbers on two lines and the full card. Despite the game have been played countless times there are always problems with deciding the exact rules and whether someone with 2 numbers can include these two numbers to claim the 3 numbers. When someone claims to have won the checking process is eagerly followed and there are shouts of joy if the person doesn’t have the correct numbers. Once again I maintained my unbroken run of never having won in a game of bingo.

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