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 saint for exams


On a Thursday Luca comes to me for an English lesson. He told me last week that he probably wouldn’t be coming this week as his class are celebrating the 100 days before the beginning of their maturita- the Italian equivalent of A levels. This celebration has become very popular among students. Checking on the internet I saw that some students in other parts of Italy have decided to go on a pilgrimage and pray to Saint Espedito the patron saint for Exams. Not so the students from Lucs’s class in Urbino.


Wednesday evening they will have gone to a disco in Riccione. There, about 2000 students will dance the night away until the small hours when a bus will take them back to Urbino so they can go to school. Luca thinks that when he eventually gets back to San Giorgio he will be too tired for English.


The Riccione tourist board is promoting the town as an ideal place to prepare for the exams:



Riccione is the ideal place for young people who want to celebrate their 100 days to the exams. There are many hotels that offer specials rates including entrance into the best discos on the Adriatic Riviera. It is the land of the best and most innovative pubs, clubs and restaurants in the whole of Italy. Riccione is the “in” city and is full of the most trendy shops and boutiques. A real paradise for those young people who need to get away from their routine lives and to have a great time with their friends.

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