Fun in the snow

bill and terry in snow sg feb 2012
Here is a happy picture of Bill and I after some time spent shoveling the snow. Happy days. Today Tuesday the 7th we haven’t had any snow. We decided to take the car out and drove to Orciano for a coffee. With the winter tyres we managed to get to Orciano and “almost” back with no problem. At the last little ascent before our house we were making good progress and for reasons, known only to himself, Bill decided to  move into second gear and the car lost grip and wheels began spinning uselessly in the snow. We backed the car down the slope and tried again. No success. No grip. And so we spent the next 30 minutes putting on the snow chains. This is a pain in the best of conditions but in the snow, on a slope it, is a real pain. But once they were on we went straight forward and parked the car easily.

Needless to say the smiling picture of us was taken before we went for a coffee in Orciano.

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  1. Mike says:

    You MUST have been going stir crazy to attempt that trip in that weather but why the hell not.

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