The cat came back, we thought she was a gonner

sam the cat
In the evening Sam the cat normally comes downstairs, jumps on the sofa beside Bill and falls asleep. A couple of weeks ago she didn’t. She stayed in her basket all evening and we knew she was obviously ailing. So the next day we went to the Vets. Normally she cries when being taken to there but this time there wasn’t a murmer. She seemed so poorly and as she is now 17 we also began to think it was her lasts days.

Checking Sam over the vets thought it may be a problem with her kidneys and decided to keep her in for some tests. The blood tests showed that her kidneys and liver were fine but that she had a urine infection which could be treated by antibiotics. They also decided to do a test on her thyroid which, if not functioning properly, could make her prone to infection. The tests showed the thyroid was working normally and so confirmed that the problems were due to the infection.

The antibiotics came in liquid form which we had to syringe down her throat. The first couple of days it was relatively easy but once the infection began to subside and Sam returned to health the protests, at having strawberry flavoured antibiotics pumped into her mouth, began to increase. Each morning and evening became a battle as we were also having to give her vitamin tablets. We were so glad when the treatment period was up and the vet gave Sam a clean bill of health and gave us the bill.

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