Spirito Santo

spirito santo at night
While we were on holiday things were happening in San Giorgio. Early in October the official opening of the restored church of Spirito Santo took place. This is the church in front of our house and the restoration has been continuing for a few years. Now all the scaffolding has gone, the brickwork repointed and the inside of the church repaved and repainted. The most important work was to restore the roof and in doing so get rid of all the pigeon droppings that had accumulated over many years. Now all the accesses to the roof have been closed and wires giving low electric shocks have been installed to ensure the pigeons don’t come back to roost in or on the church.

spirito santo inside

The church has a number of paintings and among them is the “Madonna del Carmine”. This painting shows a naked baby Jesus in his mother’s arms. At the beginning of last century the priest of the town decided that this was indecent and had scored out the offending part of the picture. Changed times means that when the painting has been restored the offending part will be put back.
madonna del carmine

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