For the last few years the Pro-Loco of San Giorgio have been organising a Hallow’een festival. This year the event was very well publicised and more people than ever came to walk around the town and to walk through the “Tunnel of Fear”. One of the narrow streets in the old centre is divided transformed into a long tunnel with a number of frightening rooms e.g. room of the spider, room of the witch. More than  2,500 people walked through the tunnel  with adults paying 1 euro fifty for the privilege. So many people came to the event that the police had to control the number of people getting into the old centre as there was a fear that some of the streets, which have cellars underneath, could collapse under the weight.
halloween poster
One of the treats on offer were roasted chestnuts or castagna (hence the name on the poster). The organisers  had ordered 500 kilograms (1,100 lbs) of chestnuts and they had run out by early evening. I think the success of the event surprised the organisers and for next year they are already preparing something bigger and better.

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