Hawaii worth the effort?

kauai streets kauai bar

We had a really good holiday in Hawaii. Glad we went to the Big Island first as it is a really interesting island but not the image one has of Hawaii. Kauai was nearer to the image with its tropical vegetation, tree covered mountains and beautiful beaches. The hotel on Big Island was rather isolated and we ate in the hotel. At Kauai there were a couple of small towns within easy driving distance of the hotel. The small towns and villages are mainly main streets with one or two storey buildings on either side, all in various states of repair, and mostly consisting of cafes, bar and shops selling souvenirs. There were a few up market restaurants but most were mid price, very relaxed, with a laid back feel. As always in the states the portions were very big, iced water was brought to the table as soon as we sat down at the table and when we had finished eating the bill arrived on the table within a minute (very different from Italy).

Would we go back to Hawaii? Yes to Kauai and if wanting to try another island would go for Mauai which is meant to be very beautiful.

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