Leaving Hawaii

pearl harbour

Our flight out of Kauai was on Saturday 15th Oct at 9.30 a.m.. We flew to Honolulu where we were to take a flight to Phoenix at 3.30p.m. So when we arrived at Honolulu we decided to go and see Pearl Harbour. We went outside to wait for a bus but after 30 minutes and no bus we opted for a taxi. As Pearl Harbour is on the airport side of the town we arrived there within 20 minutes having had an interesting chat with a very pleasant cabbie. He had come to Hawaii from Vietnam 17 years ago and he new wife and daughter are back in Vietnam with no likelihood of ever getting them to Hawaii.

At the Harbour we left our bags in the left luggage and then got our tickets. We were allocated the 11.15 tour. So we had time for a drink and a walk around the site. At 11.30 we were taken into a cinema and shown a really interesting film about the attack on pearl harbour. Exiting the cinema we boarded a boat for a five minute sail across the harbour to the memorial for the men who died on the HMS Arizona. The memorial is a covered walkway over part of the sunken ship and at the end of the memorial is a wall giving the names of all who died when the ship sunk. As always with war memorials the most touching thing is the age of those who had died.

One can stay at the memorial as long as one wants but we returned to the boat after about 10 minutes and by 12.30 we were getting a taxi back to the airport and our plane for Phoenix and the Grand Canyon.

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