Rain at last

Finally the rain arrived. On Sunday night it started and then continued into Monday. Then again Monday night and into Tuesday morning more rain. Not only rain but good rain in the sense that it wasn’t torrential but steady and so allowed the earth to absorb it. We were fortunate because some parts of northern Italy got real thunderstorms causing flooding and damage. In one area of north Italy they had more lightening in one day than they normally have in a year.

Today, Wednesday, we are promised some more rain in the morning and then the weather should improve again i.e. the sun comes back. However, the heat of the last few months has gone. Yesterday morning started out rather nippy and at 10 the temperature was 13 degrees – very cool when you have been used to maximum temperatures of more than 30 degrees and even during the night it never went below 25. Today when the sun comes back even the maximum temperature will be low 20s and the cooler nights will mean being able to sleep without the fan whirling in the background.

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