Genital showers


On Friday went to the giometti multiplex at Fano to see the new X-Men film. Having read that the film was 130 minutes long decided to visit the gents. Approaching the urinals I noticed that the floor was wet. Italian men, I thought. However, when I stood in front of the urinal the infrared light noticed I was there and the automatic flush system came into action. In this case not an automatic flush but an automated spray which was not regulated properly. The result was a fine spray of cold water onto the genitals, onto the trousers and onto the floor.

Finished with the urinals I went to the washhand basins and pressed the tap. Yet even here the water came out at a  great rate of knots, splashing into the sink and onto my shirt. To avoid further drenching I made a perfunctory hand wash and retreated, dampily, out of the gents. Dread to think what happens if you have to use the cubicle.

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  1. Mike says:

    damn Albanians!

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