Lunch at Cantiano – Locanda del Brolio

locanda del brolio

After the visit to Monte Petrano we decided to go to Cantiano for lunch. It’s only a few kilometres from Cagli and in the Blue Guide to the Marche the restaurant “Tenetra” was mentioned. When we arrived the Tenetra was fully booked and a rather unhelpful waiter let us know that there was a small place nearby called “Locanda del Brolio”.¬† It was only about a hundred yards fron the Tenetra. The inside was simple, clean and bright. We all had pasta. Bill and I had Ravioli Zar which was ravioli with walnuts and radicchio and it was excellent. Anne and Nick had Carbonara and gave it the thumbs up. The two ladies serving seemed rather harassed as the place got¬†quite busy and so service was a bit slow but much friendlier than the waiter at the Tenetra. It’s certainly a place I would go back to if in the area.

During the lunch there was a great clap of thunder and when we left the rain was pouring down. So never discovered what Cantiano is really like as the group decision was to head back home for a cup of tea and a cake.

Locanda del Brolio
Via Mazzini 8/10
tel: 0721783068

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