Monte Petrano (near Cagli)

monte petrano

Erika and Thomas had been telling us about the fields of wild flowers up on Monte Petrano near Cagli. So on Sunday we went with Anne from Mondavio and Nick a friend of Anne’s. We went up in the morning as the weather forecast was for heavy rain in the afternoon.

We made it to Cagli but missed the sign for the short, good road up to the summit of Monte Petrano and instead took the long bad road. So instead of getting to the top of the mountain in five minutes we arrived 45 minutes later having passed some fantastic scenery but not seeing much of it as we tried to manouvre the car round the potholes in the road. 

The summit of Monte Petrano is not a peak but a plateau and if Sunday was a typical day then cool and windy. In spring the fields are covered in wild flowers. Early in the year there are crocusus but at the moment it is covered with buttercups, orchids and beautiful wild narissi. When we arrived the visibility was bad  and so we didn’t see across to Tuscany but we did see lots of wild flowers. The nice thing is that although there are a few paths it is OK to walk across the fields and enjoy the flowers.
monte petrano

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