Modem trouble resolved without Marizio’s help.

John and Pam Roscoe have returned to San Giorgio for a few weeks. In bringing them up to date with events in our busy lives I mentioned the problem we had had with the modem/router. Later in the evening John said that he had tried to get onto the internet but had failed. It seemed that he the same problems we had had and so I offered to bring my now fully funtioning modem across to him and if we couldn’t connect to the internet then it was definitely a problem with the telephone line.

The next day I took my modem, cables and laptop across to John and Pam’s house, plugged in the power cable and finally the phone cable from the modem to the Telecomm splitter on the wall. Just before I switched on the laptop John exclaimed “Oh no! I hadn’t put the phone cable in. No wonder I couldn’t connect to the internet”. And so after a couple of minutes John was connected up, the internet was available and Pam and I were enjoying looking at each other and smirking.

Is there an excuse for John. Could it be because he is Scottish or because he was tired after driving from England for two days?

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  1. John says:

    Errare è umano!

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