Bad weather hits the Marche

river at senigallia

The lovely sunny days of a couple of weeks ago are now a memory as in the last couple of days much of Italy, the Marche included, has been hit by terrible cold, wet weather. In the north the “Bora Wind” has hit Trieste with gusts up to 100 mph. In the South snow, wind and rain has caused rivers to flood and agricultural areas have been inundated.

The same has also happened in the Marche where 3 people have died after their car was hit by a wave of water, low-lying agricultural land is flooded and a state of emergency has been declared. At Senigallia the river is amost reaching the top of its banks. In the north of the Marche there have been heavy snow storms.

Here in San Giorgio we have been more fortunate as the only river in the immediate area is a trickle with the grand name of “Rio Grande” and although there was some snow yesterday it quickly turned to sleet. Our greatest inconvenience was not being able to get to the Ipercoop because the river near the store had burst its banks and flooded the area. Pam and John who had been here for 2 weeks were returning to England from Ancona. The runway at Ancona Airport was flooded and so all flights were switched to Rimini which meant delays for them.

Today (Thursday) the rain continues. It should abate over the next day and hopefully we will see some sun on Saturday. However, cold weather is forecast for the beginning of next week.

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