No room for pigeons

restored church tower

This is the tower of the Church of the Holy Spirit which is in front of the house. They have been restoring the building for some time but are now on the home straight. One of the problems they had to deal with was pigeons. The pigeons have been able to get into the roof space of the church and over time had deposited lots of guano i.e. bird droppings. So an important aspect of the restoration has been to ensure that pigeons are no longer welcome in or on the church. They have blocked up any possible entrances for the birds and where there are lintels etc they have used sloping bricks which prevent the birds from roosting.  However, the main line of defence is to install a very low voltage cable on the building. When the birds come to land they get a small shock which sends them flying off. So far it seems to be very successful. Now the pigeons have migrated to the castle wall becoming someone else’s problem.

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