Olive harvest 2010

olives 2010
250 kilos of olives
olives 2010
Bill (in flat cap and coat) and Pam waiting
for the olives to be processed
olives 2010
Olives being poured into the hopper

With very variable weather over the last few weeks we decided to take the benefit of a couple of dry days at the weekend to harvest our olives. After two good harvests we were expecting a poor year but we were wrong. Using some cheap immigrant Scottish labour i.e. John Roscoe we harvested over 250 kilos of olives.

At 9.00 on Tuesday we arrived at the mill and emptied our olives into the large plastic containers. From there they were weighed and then put into a hopper to be cleaned of any leaves, washed and then crushed.  We hung around with all the other farmers until our olives were in the hopper and then went for a coffee. We returned a couple of hours later to 30 litres of oil waiting for us.

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