Eating in San Giorgio

osteria casa mina sign

San Giorgio is a long way from being a gastronomic hotspot in the world. However, recently a shop selling fresh pasta during the day and pizza at night opened. Apparently the fresh pasta is excellent but opinion is divided on the pizza – no two Italians will agree about what is a good pizza.

The two weeks ago the  “Osteria Casa Mina” opened. It is is the vaulted basement of “Casa Mina” in the old castello. It is open only at weekends and being an osteria provides simple foods – cold meats, a couple of pastas etc.

We weren’t here for the inauguration but the people who went said the quality of the food was good and a few people who have eaten there since have said the food was good and the place had a good atmosphere.

We haven’t had a chance to try the place but when we do I’ll report back.

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