Plant Market at Riccione

riccione flower show

On Sunday we went to Riccione for a plant market. Pam from Tavernelle had gone last year and said it was very good. We went not hoping for too much but in fact it was really good. There were over 50 stalls selling plants, garden ornaments etc. There were stalls from all parts of Italy and they were selling different plants or at least different varieties that are normally available in the garden centres round here.

The event takes place in the Villa Lodi Fe which is near the railway station. It happens twice a year – March and September.

We arrived just after 10.00 and after a quick cup of coffee we wandered round making a note of possible purchases. On the second circuit we bought some things and managed to get everything we wanted by 11.30 when it began to pour down. Opting for lunch we – Pam, Michael, Elizabeth from Carbarnardi, Bill and I – went to Gambero Rosso restaurant in the port at Riccione and had, as the name suggests, a fish lunch. The last time Bill and I had been there was about 10 years ago when it was too hot to sit outside and people were pushing to sit in air-conditioned comfort. This time we were pushing to get out of the rain.

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