Morning walk

morning walk morning wallk
morning walk morning walk
morning walk morning walk

Bill has been going out walking on a regular basis. So decided it was time I did something to get fitter. So three times a week I am going on a 40 minute walk. Starting with a walk round the walls of the town I then go down into the valley on the north side of town, pass the mown fields with their haystacks, pass the field full of chichory plants with their fantastic blue flowers and then up the hill (panting a little) onto the main road. The new roundabout followed by the local garage are the next things to be seen but this is a nice part of the walk as it is almost on the level. From the garage its back up to the sports ground to the paper shot to buy a paper and then back home via the “cupetta” which is the name for the very steep road cutting across the valley at the back of the house.
morning walk
Arriving home I collapse in a chair and get my breath back.

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