Bat Boxes: the in-thing for your garden

bats bat box

A few months ago in a local supermarket they were selling bat boxes. I walked past the shelf not realising that I was missing the opportunity to buy what has, according to┬áthe Corriere della Sera,┬ábecome the “must have” garden accessory of the summer.

Appartently if you can get a bat to live in your box then you are well on the way to mosquito free eating al fresco. According to the experts one bat will eat 6000 insects in an evening and 2000 of these insects will be mosquitoes.

The best time to put the box up is in March or April. So missed this year but will be ready next.

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  1. mike says:

    We have tried them a number of times – it’s hit or miss if those bugs actually move in. You can build them real cheap, good project for Bill on the side, set up a stand at the next festa!

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