News from the beach


A week of torrid weather predicted as an anticyclone arrives from Africa bringing hot (80 degrees) humid weather. So its time to head for the beach.

Rumours that there were lots of jellyfish around proved true and young kids got great delight creating piles of dead or dying jellyfish. Apparently they are the common moon jellyfish which does not sting. In fact it does sting but the stings cannot penetrate the human skin but this fact doesn’t make the thought of swimming any more pleasant.

Will beach sellers become a thing of the past? Last year there were an incredible number of people selling bags, sunglasses etc on the beach. Last week in Jesolo, near Venice, a woman was fined 1000 euros for buying a fake bag on the beach. Closer to home a couple of ladies were fined 250 each for buying fake prada bags. Some authorities say they are declaring war on the itinerant sellers on the beach. Fining the customer rather than the seller appears to be an effective way to stop the practice. In fact on Friday only one person came round selling things at Torette beach. However, whether a few highly publicised fines can stop italians on the beach buying fake Channel sunglassess or cheap prada handbags is very doubtful.

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  1. mike says:

    The beach life has begun already !!! You guys live the good life.

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