Garden in early June

garden june 2010 garden june 2010
garden june 2010 garden june 2010

This year the garden is looking better than ever. Along the gravel path at the bottom of the garden the geums have begun to spread and look great against the dark green of the trees. Under the pear tree I planted a Lamium or dead nettle. We have the weed form in the garden which grows really well and so thought the cultivated form may do equally well in the shade and it hasn’t disappointed.

The sunnier part of the gravel path looks good lined with the spanish broom and once the broom finishes we should be getting the russian sage flowering. On the other side of the path  I have planted lavender, cistus,teucrium and convolvulus. Most of them are from cuttings made last year and so will it will next year before they really develop.

Finally have nearly finished the path leading down to the dip in the garden. We think there was a land slide sometime in the past and until recently it was full of weeds. We have christened it Dingly Dell and have started to plant it up with ground cover roses, rosemary etc.

The steps at the far side of the garden were made last year. The bed beside the path now has roses, verbena bonariensis and echinops (globe thistle) and is starting to look good. Beside the steps are lavenders, salvias, geraniums, lemon balm i.e. scented plants. So hopefully walking up the steps under the arching olive trees will be a pleasant experience. 

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