Smallest festival in the world

torricella torricella

On Sunday we were told about a festa in Torricella a small village up in the hills. The village was meant to be very beautiful, it was a wonderful sunny day and so we drove up the windy gravelly roads. We hadn’t realised how small it is. It makes San Giorgio seem like a metropolis. Torricella has a small piazza and one other street.

We had expected to stay about 20 minutes but 5 minutes was enough to see everything. Very pretty in a beautiful setting but even the presence of “Fred Magic” making animals out of balloons, or the local drammatic society who appeared from behind a painted curtain, or the presence of a group playing dance music to which no-one was dancing was enough to entice us to stay longer.

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  1. mike says:

    we need a place to festa in Augusto… !

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