Car Insurance in Italy

For the last few years we have insured the car with Toro Assicurazione. We had used them for insuring the house and so continued with them for the car. Every year we have thought about checking the prices of other companies. One reason was to find something cheaper and the second reason because we felt we had been badly treated by Toro when we took out the initial car insurance. At the time Bill had about 11 years no-claims on his insurance in England. We cancelled the English insurance a week before we took out insurance in Italy. Toro Insurance said that if the English insurance had been in place then the no-claims would have been transferred to the Italian policy. Their decision has always rankled.

So this year instead of mumbling we actually did something about it. We checked on the internet and found a site which compared the prices of 16 companies. We found a cheaper supplier and so gave Toro Assicurazione the required 15 days notice that we would not be continuing with them.

A few days before the expiry of our old insurance we were surprised to receive a bill from Toro for 70 euros.  We spoke to them today and were informed that the 70 euros was for a separate policy. It is personal insurance for the driver of the car. With our new company you can select insurance of the driver as an add-on to the main policy but obviously not with Toro. It was separate from the car insurance. When we asked to cancel it we were told that it wasn’t possible as with the driver’s insurance we had to give 60 days notice. According to the person from Toro Assicurazione 60 days or occasionally 30 days is the normal period of notice required whether it’s driver’s insurance, house insurance etc. The 15 days notice for the car is an exception. We are now checking when the house insurance is due.

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