Snow hits the Marche

snow scene

On Sunday snow arrived in the Marche. The picture is the scene first thing on Monday morning. With the snow on Monday came the sun and it was a glorious day. Blue skies, pure white snow and children tobogganing – a perfect winter’s day

However, on the motorways the scene during the night had been less than perfect. Two friends Alfredo and Rina, had been in Bologna at the weekend. There was no snow in Bologna when they left at 4.00. But as they approached the Marche they encountered snow on the motorway. The situation steadily got worse with long queues of traffic following accidents and cars sliding in the snow. Many people were forced to spend the night in service areas. Alfredo and Rina managed to keep going and finally got home at 2.00 in the moring. 10 hours for a journey that normally takes 2. 

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