Electricity refunds

We get our electricity through Enel. We knew that the cost of electricity for non-residents was higher than for residents. However, we thought it was only a few cents more. So after 3 years of being resident here we thought that we should go to the Enel office and let them know we were residents as we might as well have a few extra euros in our bank let it go into the Enel coffers.

A very pleasant Enel employee told us that Enel charges non-residents double for its electricity. To get the “residents’ rate” we needed proof that we were residents but also proof of the date we became resident and if we provided this information there would be a refund. We went home to look for the proof. Before returning to the Enel office we mentioned the refund to some Italian friends who let us know that there would be a refund but that like Captain Oates “it may be some time”.

Returning to Enel with our documents the  same pleasant employee tapped some data into the computer and told us that as we had been residents for 3 years we would be entitled to a refund for the electricity used during that period. We asked when the refund would be available. Within one or two months was the reply. The Enel employee was not amused when we mentioned our friends’ scepticism.

A few weeks later we got a letter informing us that a refund of 600 euros would be paid into our bank account and in January the money went in.

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