Thoughtful presents


Bill and I have families who are very thoughtful at Christmas. My family gives nice gifts such as books, records, scarves etc. Bill’s family is equally thoughtful but they always  include a couple of “unusual presents”.

This year our unusal gifts were “Kapow underpants”. An article in an italian newspaper mentioned the fact the Marks and Spensers are offering a range of male suport garments to keep tummies in and bottoms pert. The “Kapow underpants” are not from the Marks and Spensers range.

The other “unusual gift” was a mud pack with genuine dead sea mud. Bill tried his and while it didn’t improve the skin much it did mean that as the mud hardened speaking was impossible. 

Gifts like these make us look forward to next Christmas.

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  1. samantha casey says:

    glad you enjoyed your pressies but who is the shrek look-alike in the picture?? KAPOW! looks cheeky!!! 🙂

  2. Beatie says:

    Is this really you? Came across your blog by accident when trying to find what the weather might be like over there in a month or two.

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