San Giorgio Informa

The second issue of the bimonthly newsletter “San Giorgio Informa” is now out. The main points are:

From October to March there will be weekly films shown in the Museum. The first film was “Braveheart”, followed by “The Queen”, “Paths of Glory”, “Saving Private ryan”. Each month will have a different theme: in October the theme was history, in November it is war.

SMS Service

A new messaging service called “Il Comune communica con te” has been set up. This free service allows residents to receives texts informing them about events in the Commune.

Interview with Councillor Antonio Sebastianelli ( resposible for Environment, Town Planning)

Assessore Antonio Antonio lists the priorities for the new Council as: repairing roads, rubbish collection by type ie. plastics, paper etc. and the creation of a solar power plant.

Questioned about making the roads more efficient and safer Anotonio said that they plan to make “Via de Gaspari” one way, create new parking areas and increase the number of road checks by the Municipal Police.

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