Will we be the only English in the village?

roscoe’s house

A couple of years ago we heard that an English couple had bought a house near the church at the top of our alley. Then the nationality was changed from English to Danish. But nothing happened to the house. About a year ago we heard some workmen hammering  in the house but they were only there for one day. Now work appears to have started again with scaffolding being put up.

When work has been approved there is always a board put up with the names of builder etc. From this board we now know the work is being done for Pamela and John Roscoe. So we may have English neighbours after all.

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  1. John Roscoe says:

    Not English but Scots so the things you heard were about right. This has been a long and often frustrating haul for us as we agreed to buy over four years ago and then Italian bureaucracy struck!
    We hope that the builder will make good progress over the coming months and that we will be able to move in during the early part of spring.
    The house is actually being made into three appartments and the other two have also been sold.
    We expect we will be over in February or March and perhaps we might see you then.
    By the way we like your Blogg as it keeps us up to date with things that are going on in and around San Giorgio.
    (I have twice tried unsuccessfully to reply to this article today so I hope I make it thius time)

  2. Mike says:

    First Albanians – now Scots mio dio or something like that my local eyetie teacher never gave me that one…
    Per chance any youngsters that need to kick around THE ball?

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