All is safely gathered in!

olive harvest

The olive harvest seems to be getting earlier each year – climate change or something. We started collecting last Wednesday and finished on Saturday morning. Other people had complained of a small harvest this year but for us the result has been excellent. Not sure if this is due to the fact that we are almost south facing or that Bill did an excellent job pruning the olive trees in April or just luck. Whatever the reason we collected 9 large boxes of olives which may weigh in at nearly 200 kilos.

To avoid falling off ladders this year all harvesting was done from the ground, putting the small rake used for harvesting on various lengths of bamboo to enable us to reach the top of the trees. We are always being told that our trees are too big and at harvest time we believe it. But for the rest of the year the large trees look so good.

Last night Sanzio, our very patient and always helpful neighbour, arrived to take the olives to the mill. We now await the new oil.

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