Chiesa dello Spirito Santo

chiesa santo spirito

It appears that work may be beginning on restoring the “Church of the Holy Spirit”at the top of our alley. Not all the money has been found but enough to let the work begin.

Lack of money and restoration seem to have been a consistent part of its history.

There had been a church on the site when in 1772 it was decided to enlarge and restore it. The previous church had been owned by the Confraternity of the Sacrament which had existed from at least 1702. The Confraternity was formed to prepare people for the after-life but became involved in social, political and religious issues. The richest families  were members of the fraternity and often left money in their wills to the Confraternity and this allowed them to build churches, support priests and to help the poor. In fact two of its members left money to the church to ensure that 700 masses a year were said for their souls.

Initally, the architect, Damiano Piotti, wanted only to alter the church and strengthen the foundation. However, he noticed that water came in through the bell tower and that the store room above the sacristry was so damaged tht grain and vegetables fell onto the priest while celebrating mass.  So the confraternity decided to build a new church on the site.  It took 50 years to complete. Miscalculations about the costs meant that, despite selling land, houses and building material from other churches in the area etc, money had to be borrowed to finish the work. In fact just as the work was nearing completion in 1837 the new bell tower was hit by lightening and damaged the church.

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