All that way for a few plants!

On Tuesday went, with a keen gardening friend Elizabeth, to Budrio near Bologna. Apparently famous as a research centre for prosthetic limbs, it is also home of Flora2000, a garden centre. The owner has an occasional programme on TV and is very personable and knowledgable. So we hoped for good things from the garden centre. After nearly 2 hours driving we arrived and were not disappointed. It was well laid out and every plant had a name and a price. Unlike garden centres near San Giorgio there was no need to ask a member of staff where a plant was and how much it costs. At the cash desk we did ask about somewhere to eat and we were directed to a nearby restaurant. After the long drive we were ready for cold meats, followed by taglioni with sage and butter, a mix (roast meats and boiled meats with roast potatoes and vegetables), pudding, coffee and wine. Portions were on the large size and we manged the trip back to San Giorgio without falling asleep at the wheel. For us a lovely day out, for our Italian friends a long way for just a few plants.

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