Schools in San Giorgio

Last Friday there was a town meeting to discuss the future of the schools in San Giorgio. Currently there is a primary and an intermediate school. Falling pupil numbers have raised concerns about the viability of both schools. Piagge the nearest town has a primary school with even lower pupil numbers than San Giorgio. Proposals to combine the schools have been made in the past and are being made again but coming to a decision is problematic as no village wants to give up its school and so feel moribund.

One proposed solution was to have the first three years of primary school at Piagge and to have years 4 and 5 of primary and the first three years of Intermediate at San Giorgio. This, to me, rather obvious solution was not immediately adopted. Infact, suggestions were made that a new school, half way between the two villages should be built. No thought about finance requirements in this solution, only emotional reasons.

The problem is further complicated by the fact that both towns come under different educational boards. This administrative issue would have to be resolved before the idea of a San Giorgio/Piagge merger could go ahead.

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