English conversation

roberta and federica

We normally meet Federica (telephone sales) and Roberta (English teacher) on Friday at 6.00 for an hour’s English conversation. They both use English at work and had wanted an opportunity to talk with native speakers. What started out as an “English Conversation Class” has become a very pleasant way to wile away an hour or so over a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a chat.

This week Friday wasn’t possible so we met on Saturday afternoon and they took us for afternoon tea in the Caffe del Pasticciere in Fano. It is just outside the centre of Fano in the middle of a small group of shops. The area is a bit unprepossessing but the cafe itself is very elegant and it is famous in Fano for its cakes. We ordered our coffees and teas and then went to select our pastries and biscuits. When we returned the drinks had arrived but also plates of biscuits, which, unknown to us, are given out with the drinks. Two minutes later the pastries and biscuits we had ordered also arrived at the table. It seemed a lot of food and we  didn’t think we would be able to eat them all. But somehow we managed most of them.

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