More useful vocabulary in hospital

Controllo             Check-up
Impegnativa       Referral form from doctor to hospital

referral form

Lastra                X-ray
Cassa                 Cash desk
Ticket                If not exempt you pay a treatment fee – the ticket
Yesterday I went for my check-up “controllo” to the hospital. I had the “impegnativa” from the doctor and went to the Radiology Department as I needed to get an x-ray “lastra” before going to see the orthopedic consultant..  After some queuing I was registered, given a number and told that I now had to go to the “cassa” with my impegnativa, join the queue and pay the treatment fee.

With my impegnativa stamped to show I had paid I returned to the Radiology Reception to hand in the impegnativa.  I had been given the number 5, the person before me the number 11 and the person after me the number 42. Don’t suppose it indicated the time you had to wait but within 5 minutes I was being x-rayed and within another 5 minutes I had the x-rays and was heading towards the Orthopedic Department.

I showed the orthopedic nurse my x-rays and she asked me for my other “impegnativa”. She told me to go back to the “Cassa” and pay for treatment. So I returned, queued again, paid and returned to wait outside the Consultant’s door. Within 5 minutes I was in and within 5 minutes I was out. I was told to wear the busto (corset) for another 10 days but over the 10 days I have to remove it for an increasing amount of time starting with 2 hours per day.

As I was leaving the nurse told me that I now had to return the x-rays to the Radiology Department where some notes would be written about the x-rays. Then after a  week I should return to the Department and collect the x-rays – as I had paid for them they are mine to keep. So for the last time I returned to the Radiology Department, queued up and deposited my x-rays.

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