English class lunch

 english class lunch

The English class had been planning a lunch for before Christmas but it was difficult to find a date suitable to everyone. So it was decided to postpone it until after Christmas but then the snow came and it was cancelled again. Finally, the event happened last Sunday (18th March). This time we went to Stacciola. We had a great lunch. Real nice starters and very good pasta. Needless to say we ate too much. There were 5 different starters, followed by 2 different pastas, followed by roast meats, chips, vegetables and all rounded off with very rich, creamy desserts and coffee. Everyone had a good time.

English flowed like wine and hardly a word of Italian was heard.

I am very lucky to  have such a great class. We always have a good time whether in the class or on social occasions.  In the class we work our way through books from the Oxford Bookworm Series. We started on level 1 and are now on level 4. On Sunday Germana said that she had started to read the early books again and was surprised how simple they seemed. So even if they sometimes think they are not making much progress it is not true especially when we consider that it is only 90 minutes per week.

One of these three paragraphs is false, the other two are true.

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  1. Pam says:

    as I read the blog the second paragraph suck out like a sore thumb- I read on and now know why!

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