Grand Canyon

grand canyon grand canyon

We arrived at the Grand Canyon on the evening of the 16th Oct. We had the 17th there and left in the morning of the18th. The first thing we noticed was how cool it was. In the evening and even more so in the morning a pullover was needed. In fact the morning we left there was frost on the car. Luckily during the day it was beautiful, blue skies and pleasantly warm.

We went up to see the canyon in the morning. Having seen it 40 years ago I noticed that it hadn’t changed much. It was still awe inspiring. The thing that had changed was that I had a bit more cash this time and so was able not only to walk along the edge of the canyon but also take a helicopter ride. Yes, after our experience in Hawaii we were eager for more.

So at 12.30 we got into the helicopter along with 3 French persons. My school boy french deserted me and so we simply smiled at each other. Then to the sound of Frank Sinatra singing “fly me to the moon” we lifted off. It took about 10 minutes to reach the canyon but when we did “Wow”. It is even more amazing from the helicopter. It gives an even greater impression of the size. On the flight there was a commentary about the canyon in both French and English by the time they had finished we were flying, to the sound of “What a wonderful world”, back to the helipad. It was all over too soon. In fact, we both agreed that instead of paying for the 30 minute tour we should have paid for the 1 hour trip.

Which was better  – Hawaii or Grand Canyon? The canyon is more awe inspiring in terms of the size but the helicoper is enclosed and the flight is fly out, circle gently round and fly back. In Hawaii the scenery is spectacular and more varied, but with the sides open and the steep banking of the helicopter it was a really exciting ride. So for me Hawaii has it.

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