Arriving in Hawaii

fairmont hotel room

We flew to Hawaii on the Thursday evening and didn’t end the day in the happiest frame of mind. We had arrived at LA airport early and got through the security controls with no problems. Wandered round the shops etc. until about 1hr before the flight  and then decided to walk the 15 minute walk to our gate – 69b. Half way there we happened to look at the departure board and noticed that the gate was now 75b which was back in the main terminal. We walked back and checked with the airline counter that the gate had definitely changed and then to settled down to wait. 10 minutes later the announcement came that the original gate number was correct and so we wondered back to gate 69b. Around the gate were a lot of unhappy customers moaning who had also spent time walking from gate to gate but also complaining about the condition of the lounge around gate 69b. They are in the middle of refurbising this part of the airport and so we were surrounded by scaffolding and dim lighting. There were no staff at the gate and no notice giving flight number so there were lots of moans about customer service from United Airways. Eventually staff from the airline arrived, confirming we were in the correct place, and after 20 minutes we were getting on the aircraft. The flight (5 hrs) went smoothly and  at 7.15p.m. we got off at Kona airport on the Big Island. Contrary to all the travel programmes no one met us with garlands of flowers. Instead we picked up our luggage and then went to car rental. The first car we were given had a GPS system that didn’t work. So changed cars and started off. Just out of the airport the car sounded as if it was running in first gear. We returned to the airport where we were told that the car was fine but we had been using the gear overdrive on the automatic. However, they noticed that the tyre pressure was low and so returning to the airport hadn’t been a complete waste of time. Back on the road we finally got to the hotel. Bill went to park the ca while I booked in. The hotel is rather large but eventually we found the room – large, comfortable. We decided to unpack and then go for something to eat. “Where’s my wallet. I’m sure I had it with me. Just a few minutes ago I used it to give the carpark guy a tip”, said Bill. We searched the room and couldn’t find it. We returned to the lobby and borrowed a torch to retrace Bill’s steps to the car. Nothing. Returned to the room searched again. Nothing found until I decided to store the cases and lifting one of them off the stool at the end of the bed we saw the wallet. Relief all round  and then headed for the bar thinking the worst was over and we could actually start to enjoy Hawaii. The bar was full with loud, drunk Americans on their last night. We wandered into the quietest corner of the room only with only a young Japenese couple sitting in front of us. She, we think – we hope, was very drunk as otherwise we cannot explain her disconcerting behaviour of turning round, looking at us, smiling and moving her head in circles. We left the bar after a quick drink we returned to the room hoping that the next morning would make us more positive about Hawaii. 

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  1. Mike says:

    (“…using the gear overdrive on the automatic”) You all needed ME to give you lessons !!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha, eek!

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