A rainy day in Los Angeles

lady janes tea shop farmers market in the rain

Until Wednesday the 5th October Los Angeles hadn’t seen rain for over 3 months. So as it wasn’t an ideal day for sight seeing we decided to go shopping. We began with a visit to Lady Jane’s an “old english tea shoppe” in Melrose Avenue. Recommended by New Yorker friends Peter and George who have a nose for finding out pastry shops. After having had coffee for a few days it was nice to have a cup of tea and a cup cake and alternatively watch the rain and the display of cakes. Heavy rain is not ideal conditions for walking up and down Melrose Avenue and so we asked if there was a mall near by. The folks in the tea shop told us about the Grove shopping mall which was near by and as it turned out was part of the famous Farmer’s Market. We drove there, parked and then realised that it was an outdoor mall but the management had very kindly provided free umbrellas for customers. So managed to have a stroll round the shops and finished inside the farmers market eating pastrami on rye (for Bill) and turkey on white (for Terry).

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