Arriving in LA – converting from italian to mexican food.

hilton room

After our 11 hour flight we arrived in Los Angeles at 1.30pm. Long, long wait at immigration and a long, long wait at the hire car followed by a drive on the very down at hill Freeway wasn’t the best introduction to the city. However, once of the freeway and driving to the Beverly Hills Hilton things looked much better. The room was comfortable and the bed even more so.
mexican bar
barman preparing Bill’s second margharita.

 After freshening up we decided to walk down to Rodeo Drive (about 10 minutes away) and then go for something to eat. Not too many eating places in the area but on a side street saw a Mexican bar and restaurant.  Went in and sat at the bar. We decided to order a couple of Margheritas and look at the menu. The bar man then showed us the bar food. While sipping the delicious Margharitas and chomping on crisps and chili salsa I opted for guacamole and bill for empanadas (a pastry roll stuffed with shrimp and crab). They were delicious. Bill then opted for another Margharita of the Barman’s choice – it was a margharita with raspberries. We also opted for a chorizo burger – chorizo wrapped in crispy cuicharrron with chipotle aoli and mushrooms). Again delicious. We asked the barman about his favourite drinks and he told us that one of his favourites was made from gin and basil etc. So we are going back tomorrow to try it and get some more delicious food.

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