Ethnic Food in the cinema – Maltesers.

The Giometti multiplex cinema in Fano has been taken over by UCI (United Cinemas International).  This forms part of the Odeon/United Cinemas Internation group. The films remain the same but a few changes have been noted. They appear to have stopped selling coffee in the foyer. The last time few times we went they have introduced the trolley being brought into the cinemas during the interval. As all films in Italy come with an interval this is an ideal selling opportunity but most italians still prefer to go out for a fag and buy something in the foyer.

Last Wednesday we went to see the film Contagion and noticed that the foyer shop was not particularly well stocked – certainly looked as if the old stock was being run down. However, there was a large pallet with boxes of sweets waiting to be put on the shelves. Among the boxes were Maltesers. I have looked for these before but haven’t seen them, not even in supermarkets. I want them so I can make a very simple but very delicious dessert – malteser ice cream cake. A dessert first given to us by Bill’s niece Sam. We were very impressed until she told us the recipe – allow some vanilla ice cream to soften, add crushed maltesers, refreeze. Now I can make this anytime and all it will take is a visit to the cinema.

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