Visit to Piobbico

piobbico visit

26th October and it is raining again. We have had wet weather most of the week. Yet only a few weeks ago we were having a beautiful Indian summer. On one sunny Sunday we went with Mike and Judy to Piobbico to see the costume museum. We parked in front of the “Crazy Bar” and then walked through the town to the Castle of the Brancheleoni family where a guided tour was to begin at 3.30. It began on time and apart from admiring the building itself we were able to see the museum of peasant life, the geological museum, the spelogy museum and also the costume museum. The costume museum has a collection of 17th century costumes which in the19th century were discovered in a crate behind a bookcase of the castle. The custumes are worth the price of the┬áticket.
piobbico costume museum
After the visit we wandered back to the car and decided to have a coffee in the Crazy Bar. Not much craziness going on but lots of elderly men playing cards over empty coffee cups.

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