Terry can get by in Italian – its official

At the end of June I sat the CELI3 exam. This is an exam for foreigners to assess their abilities in Italian. The exam is run by the University of Perugia and is a recognised qualification. There are 5 levels from 1 (basic) to 5 (fluent) and the content and marking are based on the Common European Framework for Languages.  In the exam you are tested on reading, writing, listening and speaking.  

I heard a few days ago that I had passed the exam and now I, according to the Common European Framework of Languages, “Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in his/her field of specialisation. Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party. Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.”

I never knew I could do all this before. It apparently also means I could apply for courses at an Italian University – next stop medicine in Bologna.

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