Elizabeth comes up trumps

fonte avellana basilica fonte avellano concert

Elizabeth, our Cultural Advisor as to what is on in the area, asked if we wanted to go to a concert in the monastry at Fonte Avellana. Our last couple of cultural visits, respectively to a concert and an unveiling of a fresco, had been less than inspiring and had raised some doubts about her status as Advisor. We hesitated as the place is about 45 minutes drive away but she sweetened the pill by suggesting an aperitivo at her house before the concert, she would drive to the monastry and we would stop for something to eat on the way.

Elizabeth is back on form. The concert was in the basilica of the monastry which is a beautiful space to sit and enjoy the concert. The two players were Dario Destefano playing the cello and Maurizio Barboro on piano playing pieces by Vivaldi, Schumann, Schubert and Kabalewski. Even I, not the must musical of people, found the evening enjoyable and at times moving and exciting.

Searching on the internet I discovered the website for Dario Destefano and you can listen to excerpts of a recording they have done together.

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