Visit to the Reinhardt Garden

reinhardt garden reinhardt garden

On Sunday we went went with Pam from Tavernelle to visit the Reinhardt Garden near Lake Trasimeno in Umbria. The Garden was created by Thomas Reinhardt and his wife and is open to the public for two days in July. They have created a perennial garden, an olive garden and a tropical garden. We were able to visit the perennial and olive gardens. It was worth the the 2 hour car trip to see it.

Above are view from the perennial garden which is basically a traditional long borden. It was quite a shock to the eye to see it in the middle of Umbria – fresh green grass with lots of different perennials in tip top condition. The perennials were repeated in various combinations and it was very beautiful. However, beautiful as it was it was not a lesson in gardening for dry conditions as the soil was kept very moist proving that with heat and water most things grow well.

reinhardt garden reinhardt garden

The olive garden was a delight and a surprise as one moved the flatness of the long border to the gentle hills planted with olives. I was looking forward to this garden as I like to see what plants people use to underplant their olive trees. At the entrance to the garden a group of trees were underplanted with “golden creeping jenny” which created an incredible effect but as it is a plant which needs moisture not something to be used in San Giorgio

reinhardt garden lake trasimeno

After the gardens there was a small market which although small was good as there were a number of nurseries selling some unusual plants. We bought a “Salvia Sagittata” and a grass “Eragrostri trichodes”. It was also a place to see the other visitors to the garden and being a hot sunny day lots of ladies in hats were very much in evidence.
After the garden we went looking for a restaurant for lunch and found one with a view over Lake Trasimeno. Was the view over the lake better than the views over the Reinhardt Garden?

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