Roscoes at home.

roscoes at home

Pam and John Roscoe have finally made it to San Giorgio. After 4 years of waiting and wondering they finally arrived on the 2nd June to take the key to their new apartment. Unfortunately minor things such as gas, electricity and running water were not in place and so the initial 2 day stay with us became almost 2 weeks as they battled with the project manager and builders to get things into place. Wanting to add to the pressure  Pam and John had also invited 2 friends (Norma and Stewart) to come stay in the new apartment. They arrived 2 days after Pam and John moved into their almost finished apartment. Fortunately Stewart is very practical and John and Pam put his skills to good use in adding the final touches to the place. However, even then not everything went to plan as in putting up a toilet roll holder John and Stewart made the fatal mistake of only measuring once. They measured, drilled and put a hole in the cistern of the guest bathroom.

Despite all the set backs they are, as you can see, still smiling. They also have, as you can see, a great view from their terrace which drops steeply away. This explains the slightly terrorised look as Pam was teetering on the edge when the photo was taken.

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