Wet Sunday in Vienna verses Wet Sunday in Belfast.

sunday belfast sunday in vienna

On Saturday evening it had began to rain. On Sunday it rained all day.

Our first stop was the Schonbrunn Palace, summer home of the Austrian Emperors and whose tube stop was on the same line as our hotel. Had a very informative tour and we were been looking forward to seeing the gardens but wind and rain made it impossible. So we took outselves to the Museum of Modern Art. Big mistake. Lovely building, lovely cafe but for me a rather boring collection. This took us into early afternoon.

Not wanting to go to another museum we wandered the streets for a bit and it left me wondering what was worse – a wet Sunday afternoon in Vienna or a wet Sunday afternoon in Belfast. At least in Belfast the shops open from 1.00 to 6.00. In Vienna it is only the museums and cafes and perhaps the Belfast museum is more interesting than the Vienna Museum of Modern Art.

Having tasted Austrian food for two evenings we opted for a change and went to a Sri Lankan restaurant. We saw it advertised near the opera house and discoverd it’s nearest tube stop was on the same line as the hotel. We had a really good meal. We had rice, string hoppers, hoppers with chicken curry and various vegetable curries. All finished off with Wattalapam (a dessert flavoured with cardmoms, cinnamon etc). Very tasty and something you can’t get in a wet Sunday evening in Belfast.

(p.s. Belfast is the photo on the left)

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